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Testimonial 1

For years I used to suffer with cold hands and feet. It came to a stage where I was unable to sleep at night. I consulted Dr Patel, he examined my tongue and asked various questions regarding my health and lifestyle. Dr prescribed a herbal prescription. After the first month I already saw a difference. The circulation to my limbs improved dramatically, my feet were no longer as cold. Dr Patel prescribed  I take 1 bottle of tablets for 1 year I had the condition. 3 bottles later I felt great. Its been 2 years since I took the tablets and have never looked back again. Thanks                                                                              …. Hawa (Benoni)

Testimonial 2

I have suffered for quite a few years with varying symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or more commonly known as Spastic colon. Over the last year to 18 months I have suffered with constipation for a few days which would turn into a few days of diarrhoea and calm down before the cycle would begin again without warning. 

Two months ago, I suffered from a particularly bad case of diarrhoea. After the usual oral medication did not help at all, I consulted Dr. Muhammed Patel. After a comprehensive history, he explained to me how various systems in the body worked and associated with each other, and how the systems in my body were not functioning optimally.

After a single treatment of acupuncture that day, the diarrhoea stopped. My system has been the most stable to date after quite a few years. The outcome of my treatment has been better than ever expected.

I would recommend that you try this way of comprehensive treatment due to its method of working according to your own body’s functioning. IT REALLY WORKS!!!!

Anonymous, Benoni CBD

Testimonial 3

I tried acupuncture and TCM for the first time when I had a really bad stiff neck. I couldn’t turn my head to the right t all. Medicated plasters, ointments and muscle relaxants offered no relief. After 1 acupuncture treatment and a few days of Chinese herbs I felt complete relief. Diagnosis of other related symptoms was also pretty spot on. a thorough explanation was given of the procedure, symptoms and way in which the treatment works.

I had the same success with a trapped nerve in my hand and shoulder and would definitely recommend this as a alternate therapy before popping a pill. The thought of needles need not scare any patient as discomfort, if any, is minimal.                                               ……….Fawzia (Springs)

Testimonial 4

Last Friday I had my molar tooth extracted. I was sent home with medication for the pain and swelling. The pain intensified, and I went back to the dentist who told me that I had sustained nerve damage and just increased my dosage of medication. The next few days were like hell on earth, I couldnt talk, eat properly or sleep properly and the pain just persisted.I booked a treatment of laser acupuncture. Within 8 minutes of the treatment 90% of the pain had already dissappeared. The swelling went down completely. I havent experienced any pain thereafter.                                           …………. Imraan

Testimonial 5

 Just this note to thank you for the amazing results that you achieved in regard to the acute pain that I was experiencing for several years around the area of my left thumb and wrist.

It was just one 20 minute treatment with the incredible “Laser Acupuncture” and truely the pain was gone and the movement of the thumb completely restored to normal.

I trust that your treatment will give relieve to many who experience acute pain and find no results in tablets or other treatments.

Thank you                    ……………   Mr A M Seedat (radio presenter)

Testimonial 6

After almost 20 years of pain and tons of medication a friend of my fathers recommended i see Dr Patel . I was sceptical because i had tried everything under the sun and nothing helped. My husband called me a drug addict because i have a box at home with all kinds of pain killers. After visiting Dr Patel on Saturday my entire life has changed. I have been pain free since then, i have tons of energy i am not tired anymore i dont feel sick and best of all i dont have a headache. The acupuncture treatment i received as well as the medication i am taking has changed my life. I cannot believe the i have not taken 1 painkiller since then. Thank you Dr Patel you have changed my life.          ………………. Usha (Lenasia)

Testimonial 7

After 25 years of groin and lower back pains and endless consultations,examinations,ops, prescriptions etc etc, my wife convinced me to try accupuncture. My internet search led me to Dr M Patel. After two treatments combined with herbal medication I feel my life is about to change. The lower back pains have disappeared and groin pains are easing off; and I am extremely excited with the progress that I am making. I am continuing my treatments with Dr Patel; and will live to tell my story     ………………. Charles Zindoga (Manager)