What is Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy that involves inserting of fine needles (so fine that most people hardly feel them being inserted)into the skin at specific points of the body. Legend has it that acupuncture was developed when it was realized that soldiers who recovered from arrow wounds were sometimes also healed of other diseases from which they were suffering. The specific points of the body into which acupuncture needles are inserted are located along ‘meridians’. These are the pathways or energy channels & are believed to be related to the internal organs of the body. This energy is known as chi (also known as ki or qi), & the needles are used to decrease or increase the flow of energy, or to unblock it if it is impeded.Nowadays the use of laser beams & electrical currents are found to give an increased simulative effect when using acupuncture needles.

There are many painful afflictions for which acupuncture can be used. In the West, it has been used primarily for rheumatism, back pain & arthritis, but it has also been used to alleviate other disorders such as stress, allergy, colitis, digestive troubles, insomnia, asthma, etc etc. It has been claimed that withdrawal symptoms (experienced by people stopping smoking & other forms of addiction) have been helped as well. What to expect at a Consultation At a consultationa number of questions will be asked concerning: Diet Lifestyle Sleeping patterns Fears & phobias Exercise taken Reactions to stress Past & present medical history. The texture & colouring of the skin, the tongue (diagnosis) and pulse (diagnosis) will all be examined as well as the patient’s voice. These different factors are all needed for the Chinese diagnosis. Each consultation is custom made for an individual. Thereafter amethod of ancient rules is used to determine the acupuncture points.